Plastik, Planter og Perspektiv

Article in Danish from the magazine Praktisk Økologi on Garden to Connect. English version.

Upcycled pipes for kitchen gardening and community building in Rwanda

Rwanda has a long tradition for urban agriculture. At the same time, the rapid urbanisation and many ongoing water infrastructure projects result in installation waste that can potentially be reused for urban farming. Together with two local NGOs, we are currently developing a pilot project that turns waste into plant containers, available for all.

Urban agriculture with reused PVC 

Inspiration catalogue for how to upcycle PVC building products into plant containers.

From building waste to building gardens

Discover how upcycled PVC building products became sustainable plant containers for a green festival in Aarhus, Denmark.

Professional urban farmers choose PVC

Interview with Eric Dargent from Refarmers, a Lyon, France based company that sells professional PVC growing systems to urban farmers around Europe.


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